Small errors and inconsistencies can add up.

In February one of our experts spotted pricing inconsistencies on a claim.

Several injections were listed with different prices.

The first Fluconazole Injection per 200 mg quantity of 2 was charged at $ 42.00.

On four subsequent lines a quantity of 2 was charged at $ 54.00.

Our expert corrected this resulting in a reduction for each line of $ 12.00 for a total of $ 48.00 in savings.

Additionally, a Furosemide injection per 20 mg at a quantity of 5 was listed for $ 9.75 or $ 1.95 each.

On the same claim, other quantities of 20 mg doses were listed as follows:

1 for $ 12.36 reduction was $ 10.41

3 for $ 37.08 reduction was $ 31.23

4 for $ 17.34 reduction was $ 17.34

6 for $ 26.01 reduction was $ 14.31

Our expert corrected these for a total reduction for Furosemide 20 mg of $ 192.79.

Although these amounts may seem small when compared to the totals for a single episode of care, they can add up across a prolonged stay for an individual and across your entire covered population. Our meticulous review ensures that these errors have minimal impact on your bottom line and your members’ out of pocket expenses.