The Hopewell Group Announces New Workday NurseConnect Service

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The Hopewell Group Announces New Workday NurseConnect Service

Houston, TX – August 12, 2019 – The Hopewell Group is excited to introduce its new Workday NurseConnect service. Workday NurseConnect is a nurse triage line designed to improve access to health care advice.  It also reduces the cost for self-insured health plans and administrators.  Membership to this service is offered as a package with our leading medical bill review service.

With a network of over 2,000 certified nurses, Workday NurseConnect provides expert triage and patient caring in an integrated telehealth environment.  Members can call for help with any non-urgent health issue, follow-up care questions, and/or medication questions.

Health plan sponsors will enjoy the benefit of seeing reduced non-urgent emergency care visits and the cost associated with those visits.  There is no upfront cost to you and no “per member per month” fees.  Members benefit by having access to professional nurse-line agents, who are trained in patient-centered caring, behavior change and identifying chronic conditions under the Schmitt-Thompson protocols.  Members can rely on receiving quality caring and advice for advancing health care needs for their loved ones.

Hopewell Group representatives are immediately available to provide more information and to register your group for this valuable service.  Don’t hesitate, call us at (202) 904-3955.  Hopewell Group will attend SIIA’s 39th Annual National Conference & Expo, September 30 – October 2, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, and would be delighted if we can meet with you there to further discuss our new Workday NurseConnect service.

About Hopewell Group – Hopewell Group is a healthcare management firm founded by an experienced healthcare executive and attorney.  Hopewell Group operates multiple healthcare service products through its network of healthcare service organizations, including Hopewell Risk Strategies, Hopewell Home Healthcare, Hopewell Staffing and NurseConnect.  Hopewell Group is focused on delivering exceptional niche solutions and products that enhance the efficiency of the healthcare delivery system.