A recent patient had a diagnosis of viral infection.

Our expert coder did not have the lab report, or the medical record to base their evaluation on. The invoice was taken at face value in the dosing of this drug and stated:

Cefepime HCL 2 grams vial at quantity of 4 with the cost of $ 1,211.00.

Cefepime HCL 2 grams be ordered at many different rates.

This caught our medical expert’s eye because, for febrile neutropenia this drug is usually ordered every 8 hours.  The facility billed a quantity of 4 on two-line items for the dates of 9-2-2018 and 9-3-2018. The total for each date would have equaled 16 grams, truly an overdose.

The correct quantity of 3 would be every 8 hours.